Lay the Draw

Posted on 15 April 2010 by admin

Lay the Draw is most popular trading system for soccer trading. Although years back it was more profitable than it is now, but still it’s possible to be profitable with this bet trading system.

Basically it’s very simple but adjustable to your likings.

1) Lay the draw

You need to choose a soccer match where you think a goal will be scored. Chosen match should be without strict favourite. Lay the draw.

2) Wait for a Goal and Back the Draw

Once goal is scored odds for Draw will go up. Back the draw and end up with all green(winnings on all results).

To be successful at Lay The Draw system you need to have a good selection of games. You would want to choose teams that scores and loses many goals. You can look at over/under 2.5 market to see what other bettors think. If odds for over 2.5 are lower, then game should have enough goals. Also don’t bet on matches with big favourites as draw odds can go down as market is waiting for favourite team to score back.


Basically you should avoid games where possibility of having result of 0-0 are higher than other games. But sooner or later there will be a match with 0-0 in your selections. At some time in game you can back 0-0 to ensure that you will not lose if score stays 0-0 till the end of game. Also you should think about exit strategy, but there isn’t clear definition of exit point. You can leave the game if no goals are scored at 70-85 minutes and lose less than at the end of match if score is still 0-0. But at the other hand there are many examples where team scores in last minutes even in 90+. So if you really trust in your selections you can wait till the match ends without any exit point. Odds will go up much higher if goal is scored at the end of match not at the beginning. That means that your profit will be higher from goals near the end of soccer match.

You can even lay the draw after the first period if score is still 0-0.

I strongly recommend to watch game live via TV or online stream to get feel of the game. If you see that game is slow and players aren’t looking motivated then it’s better to quit the game and accept smaller loss than your whole liability at the end of match.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. peto Says:

    “Once goal is scored odds for Draw will go up. ”

    But not necessarily…if the dog scores first, usually the market await equalizer, so the odds for draw could even go down. Just yesterday, I was following one game without a strong favourite, and even there the draw odds didn’t go up after first goal.

    I’d like to ask if you are long-term profitable with this system. I am just trying it and it seems to be so-so.

    “At some time in game you can back 0-0″

    This is a good point, especially when there will be no goal, but this will also decrease your profit, so there is again the question of long-term profit.

    My conclusion so far is, that this system depends heavily on the good match selection.

  2. admin Says:

    That depends, if odds are about 2.0 and more for favourite, then after a goal odds for draw will rise almost always. Also I guess many bettors are using this type of strategy that can greatly affect odds and make Lay the Draw less effective.
    Currently I’m not using this strategy, but when I did I have had some profit. But you shouldn’t expect more than 30% ROI in a month. Still one of my friends is profitable with it.
    And yes, you’re right key for lay the draw is good match selection.

  3. 911 Says:

    I have been using the lay the draw system for a while now and it does still show reasonable profits if you bet with high enough stakes. You also need to accept that most weeks you will make profits but some weeks you make and loose the same amount.

    I have now paid off half of my mortgage thanks to betfair. :)

  4. carlos11 Says:

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