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Choosing a Bookmaker

Choosing an online bookmaker may be difficult as there are so many bookies out there. But it’s important to choose one which will be most suitable for you.

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Risk-free Matched betting

Introduction Is it possible to safely profit from online betting without taking any risks? Yes actually it is!

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Introduction to trading

Sports bet trading is similar to financial trading only instead of buying and selling currency you are buying and selling bets.

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Bet Angel

Bet Angel is most popular and leading sports trading software out there!

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The Beginning…

BeatBookie is a website dedicated to sports betting. Here you can find information that will help you win more than you lose at the online betting. And hopefully you will leave as the Winner!

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How to compare betting odds

Finding best odds is one of the keys to successful betting. It can even decide whether you profit or not in a long term. Continue Reading

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IOC Looking To Crack Down On Illegal Online Gambling

The International Olympic Committee understands the possibility that exists of a competition fix. Soccer has seen match fixing scandals, and the IOC wants to ensure that no such activity takes place on any of their International competitions. Continue Reading

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69 Year Old Retiered Man Wins €4 Million Jackpot!

A retired carpenter from Norway won a staggering €4 million at CasinoEuro on Monday. The 69 year old man who won after betting just €30 is the third person that CasinoEuro have made a millionaire. Continue Reading

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Risk Free Betting Capital

Is there a way to bet without risking own money? It would be nice to guarantee some starting capital without even using your own money. If you do that it will be free sports betting, with possibility to profit. Continue Reading

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Trading Tips

There are several trading tips which are important for every trader if he aims to achieve success with bet trading. Although I have written several betting tips, fallowing trading tips and rules are different and aimed specially for traders. Continue Reading

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New Bonuses & Free Bets

Five new great promotions has been added to our Free Bets and Bonuses list: Continue Reading

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